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Poppers Australia

What are poppers?

The slang used for the chemical compound in the alkyl nitrites family, they are recreational inhalants often used in dance parties and clubs. Aside from that, they could be use as sex enhancers akin to that of Viagra, since it does increase the libido and euphoria.

They are called poppers in the first place since when they are first sold in the market as heart medicine, the capsules containing the drug would have to be “popped” or cracked in order to get to the chemical inside.

Generally legal and safe to use in small doses or sniffs, whether you buy it as leather polish, room odouriser or liquid incense, poppers are recreational drugs that have very little risk of dependency attached.

They do have a certain stigma as a “gay drug,” which is basically true since the gay communities are the first to have them as a wide spreading recreational drug, for both clubs and sexual activities.

Just like every substance considered drugs under the law, they possess risk that could vary from one individual to another. Thus the stimulants should be use with caution at your own discretion.

What is amyl nitrate?

The compound is often use in nitrate medicines, whereby when inhaled would relax your blood vessels and increase the blood flow and subsequently oxygen stream to the heart. The excitement and heat sensation that last a couple of minutes. While the “high” does not have an addictive property, like any other recreational drugs, too much can cause serious harm to the body.

Historically speaking, the popularity of amyl nitrate comes from the fact that the effects are immediate and essentially lasting for the value. Half a minute of inhalation can produce a rush that last two to three minutes.

There clear yellowish liquid that the compound comes in have a fruity, sweet smell to it when its fresh. The stale ones have been described to have the fragrance of sweaty pair of socks. And of course, they are sold in small stubby bottles, aptly called “snorts” of the fumes resultant.

Why use popper?

Simple really, quick and somewhat lasting high from a single sniff. There is is not much of a side effects that could be considered significantly harmful, except the occasional discomfort and special cases of allergies and such. That excitement and warm sensation from the rush is not something that could be received from any other form of drug, for the particularly tame ones anyway.

Speaking of tame, poppers does not cause addiction or habit forming issues in long runs. With that said, none that is majorly addictive. It is the alcohol of drugs, with close to no withdrawal effects, although overdosing could still be an issue. However, unlike alcohol, more consumption could still cause the body to build tolerance over time, needing bigger dosage for the subsequent similar level of high.

It is a sex enhancer, with the reputation built as the “gay drug” due to its particular muscle relaxing characteristics. And for the ones mostly heterosexual, the high from the drug promoted higher sensual awareness and sensitivity to the body. In addition, there is the libido boost and longer orgasms, which is why poppers become the norms in sex marathons or parties.

How to use?

Stuffed the bottle up one of the nostrils, block the other one and give a short whiff of the fume. Taking too much at once could potentially cause a potential “knock out,” so be careful with it.

Some would dip a cigarette into the bottle and then inhale the stick, rather than a straight sniff from the bottle which they presume to be good and a way of getting the puff straight into their body system not knowing that its even more harmful health-wise.

Please do watch out, since the chemical are highly flammable. The blast from a lighted fume has been known to burn eyebrows due to have mistakenly light the dipped cigarettes.

And please, do not mistaken them for a drink. There are toxic when swallowed and can/will lead to death. It could interfere with the blood latent ability to transport oxygen around the body. So please do read the instructions written on any drug/ medicine/ or whatever substance before consumption and only use for its intended purposes.

Where to buy poppers?

The local sex shop, head shops, other even the retail goods store would have them in where it is legal. For the retail store, they are often labeled as room odourisers, nail polish remover, video head cleanser, or other variety of polish or cleansing liquid. By law, they are to be sold inconspicuously to discourage the use. For the uninformed customers however, using this as an odourizers is the last thing you would want to do if you want the house to remain livable.

The can also be purchased online in specialty shops to the country that legally accept them, since we do live in the modern age where globalization takes the idea of sharing is caring to an international level.

History of amyl nitrate

The compound was synthesized back in 1844 by Antoine Jérôme Balard, which was then popularised as angina treatment by the Scottish physician Thomas Lauder Brunton. The idea of the treatment comes from the fact that the inhaled medicine would relax the blood vessels and thus relieve the pain of the angina patients.

The recreational drug aspect would only have started to have hold reputation in the 1960s, when the gay community discovered the jungle juice for one specific property. Aside from the mental and physical relaxation, their sex experience was considerably boosted due to muscle relaxing attribute.

Poppers would see its continual use, among others, in parties for the excitement and sex marathons for the erection strengthening. The participants would have sex for hours on end, stopping only to take more snorts to maintain the high.

The disco boom in the 70s would spread the drug from the gay community to the more mainstream recreational drug user. And thus it would continue its widespread usage into the rave scenes of the 80s and 90s.

In the UK alone, poppers are renowned in the University, which include 14.9% of the student population. Medical students abusing them for recreational purpose is made up of 12.8% of male and 6.3% for the female. Later on, the use of inhalants of any types would receive the stature amongst the teens, due to easy access, lack of major side effects and relatively cheap source of “high.”

Major user?

For one, there’s this certain UK Tory MP by the name of Crispin Blunt who declared he had and still is using poppers as a recreational boost. Thus the drug is not to fall under the category of psychoactive substances.

Types of poppers

Just like alcohol, they come as different “designer” brand, but they all pretty much do the same thing, which is to get the rush.

Addiction to amyl nitrate?

As far as studies goes, there is no significant evidence that the users can be psychologically or physically dependent on the drug. However, since it it’s a form of stimulants, the body would eventually develop tolerance after some heavy regular use. More dosage would thus be needed to achieve the presumed excitement level.

Health concerns

Warm sensations from the change in blood pressure could also cause light-headedness, although you might argue that it does increase the feel of the “high.”

The sexual enchanting properties of this drug that makes orgasm and erection last longer, and more solid, could also ironically cause temporary erectile dysfunction, another dusaster it poses to its users. This is due to the weakening of the smooth muscles, especially around the genitals when sniffing the poppers. Incidentally, due to this effect, anal sex can be easier or less painful for some since it does relax the muscles around that area. Which is why this drug is often called the “gay drug.”

Then there are the usual inhalants related problems, which include runny nose, breathing difficulty, nose bleeds, nausea and many more among other. Loss of consciousness can be expected from over dosage as well.

Part of what makes poppers celebrated is its quick hit euphoria effect. Sensual awareness is increased and increased confidence, that you won’t hopefully mistook for control over idiocy. And if the users is into hallucinations, well there’s that too.

For the slightly negative downside, there’s confusion and disorientation. Which is similar to being drunk mostly.

Health Warning!

Since the drugs does lower the blood pressure massively, this drug should be avoided if for the anemic, pregnant and other nerve or blood related problems. The lack of oxygen flowing throughout the body is not the most pleasant experience.

And while the recreational drugs are mostly inhalants, there is some dermatological problems that develop over the course of time, since the chemical does burn the skin. The damage can be obvious as well since it affects the area around the mouth, lips, nose and face in general.

Back to the pregnancy issue, the drug could direct blood away from the unborn baby and thus cause immeasurable harm. Traces of the substance could be found on breastmilk, and the drug present could have untold effect on the drinker. For the responsible parents, do not take any form of drugs unless medically advice to avoid harm to the child.

Drug mixing

Please do not do ever attempt this, even if you are under supervision. Amyl nitrate lower the blood pressure for its erection enchanting properties. So mixing it with Viagra or most sex drugs can only cause serious harm from lowering the already low blood pressure, which can lead to heart attack or worse.

The effectiveness of HIV drugs can also be reduced from regular usage of poppers. Having said that, if you have HIV, please do practice safe sex for the love of your partner and the world.

Legal warning!

Just like drinking, it is illegal to drive under the influence of any substances. This could even apply to the very next day, but that depends on the individuals and the dosage taken. And any crimes while under the influence of the substance would still subject the user to the appropriate punishment.

Legal status

Generally speaking, poppers are legal for recreational use across the globe, since they are not necessarily narcotic. However, advertisement for human consumption is illegal by law in most countries, even outright banning of sales.

United Kingdom

You can purchase poppers as odourisers, and are often sold in drug paraphernalia head shops, sex shops, bars and clubs, over the internet and certain market. Pure Amyl Nitrate is unlikely to be sold as it is, due to heavy medical regulation. The substance is considered an intoxicating substance, since it does not cause issue of dependence and is a psychoactive drug (legal high drug), akin to drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana


Amyl Nitrate poppers are legal for purchase in sex shops and other similar service shops, although they are still considered as drugs.

United states

it was common to prescribe amyl nitrite as ailments cure in 1937. It would eventually be regulated by the FDA (old time doctor used to prescribe heroin as a panacea after all), for genuine public health concern.

Under the anti-drug abuse act of 1988, amyl nitrite would only be exempted in commercial productions, which means the substances are allowed for production, but production with the intended purpose of human consumption (inhaling or other method) is strictly outlawed.

Poppers containing non-amyl nitrite compound are available across most heap shops and sex shops, and legally purchasable. For retail purposes, they are often labeled as room odourisers, nail polish removers or video head cleaners.


Sale is banned in any formulation, whether retail or pharmaceutical, since it is considered a drug by their law. Possessing and use is legal otherwise.